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Henan Kn95-A Disposable Face Mask - 5 Pack



Product Description

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Product Description

Advanced material enables smoother breathing in an Easy to Carry resealable bag.  Effective protection against dust, haze, bacteria and droplets. Efficient Filtration:  Filters above 99% with gases, dust, pollen, smog, germs and bacteria effectively.

Multi-Layer purification:  Filment made of non-woven fabric, flexible moderate thickness.  Filters Particles using a double layer electrostatic filter. Allows for Smooth Breathing:  Flexible metal fastening strip ensures optimal seal between the bridge of the nose and the mask. Ergonomic design:  Comfortable to wear, low imedance filtering material and no orders. Secure seal:  Soft metal fixation strip used for best seal between nasal bridge and mask.

Warnings:Do not use mask on childrenDo not use the mask in a medical or surgical environmentDo not use the mask in an environment with oxygen concentration below 19.5%Do not use the mask with beards or facial hair that may interfere with direct contact between the face and the edge of the maskDo not use the mask in a toxic gas environmentNote: The respiration helps protect against certain contaminants but may not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection entirely. If you cannot achieve a satisfactory fit, discontinue use of mask. Keep masks stored in a dry place and do not wash the mask with water. Dispose after use. Usage Instructions: Hold mask with metal bridge facing upwards towards the sky. Press mask against face with the metal strip still facing upwards. Place the bands around both ears. Adjust the metallic strip over the bridge of your nose squeeing it in place for a snug fit.


  • Multi-Layer purification
  • Ergonomic design
  • Secure seal